You are powerful! Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused and anxious about the future? The key to blasting thru fear is the willingness to feel deeply!

Are you feeling fearful for our world and anxious about the future?
Are you are feeling overwhelmed and confused by the emotions moving through you?

At this time of great uncertainty, if you or someone you love is experiencing fear or depression, you are not alone. Watch the news for two minutes, and this alone can be enough for anyone to experience intense anxiety.

All of our familiar paradigms- political, social, environmental, economic, etc, are being uprooted and turned inside out. Many people’s nervous systems today are in a constant state of protection. When we try to meditate, our hearts ache with unmet grief, and our minds are bombarded with information and empty distractions.

Even if you are one of the few blessed with a daily centering practice (that you actually practice!), and a supportive community where you feel you belong, you are likely feeling like the ground is being shaken beneath you and you are being asked to rise up like never before.

Amidst this time of great change, remaining numb and fearful is easy. Slowing down to meet yourself and restoring full-body aliveness, however, requires diligence and self-compassion.

On one hand, fear is a natural response to the state of our humanity and it can propel us forward into a state of profound growth and positive change.

On the other hand, left unchecked, fear can turn into anxiety and depression and cause us to isolate and protect ourselves. It can paralyze our minds and bodies and make it nearly impossible to dream bigger or create the beauty we have imagined.

Science has revealed that an organism cannot live in ‘growth’ and ‘protection’ at the same time.

Therefore, we cannot hold our breath, AND live with healthy bodies, and open minds that respond intelligently to life. So how do we move from the numbness of protection, back into the aliveness of growth?

Perhaps the key to blasting thru paralyzing fear, is the willingness to feel deeply and let all of life, the dark and the light, into our hearts.

In order to feel this deeply, however, we must first experience a foundation of safety in our bodies. A healthy child is able to be in total rage one minute, and blissful play the next, because they feel safe to explore the full spectrum of life.

When we feel safe, we have a stable inner home to receive any guest- be it anger and confusion, to overwhelming gratitude. The following practices will reshape your outlook and form new networks in your brain so you begin to orient yourself towards possibility instead of lack.

3 Strategies to Plant Seeds of Safety in Your Body

What’s Good?: Our survival based-culture teaches us to look for what is lacking and what is going wrong. Inner safety can be re-established by continuously redirecting awareness back to the body and breath, and developing the habit of looking for the goodness already present within us and all around us. In this way, we plant seeds of safety in the garden of our body mind. I recently created a game with my four year-old called ‘What’s Good?’ Each of us takes a deep breath, then we list as many things as we can about what is right and good inside ourselves and around us in that moment. Play ‘What’s Good?’ every day and you will retrain your mind to look for the beauty in everything.

Breathe: When we hold our breath, we hold ourselves back from perceiving and receiving the love that connects all things. Practice taking each breath as a gift and you will re-establish safety in your body mind very quickly. Breathe deeply and affirm: ‘My only job is to guard my attention from the millions of things trying to grab it, and instead, rest in my beautiful body where love is breathing me.’

Belong: The experience of belonging is perhaps one of our deepest human needs. We are one, global human family, sharing this precious experience of life. We belong to the earth and we belong to each other. We have the same needs and wants and we are shedding old layers of separation. If you feel alone, remember your connection to the web and actively feed it your presence daily. Rest in knowing that you are an integral part of all life.

Your Heart

Your heart has the capacity to embrace pain and joy simultaneously without being identified with either. When we feel safe, we can begin to access our vast intelligence.

Breathe deeply into your pain and joy and the full spectrum of feeling whatever is present at your core, and you will know intimately the total freedom of your heart. Through leaning into resistance, we can recover our freedom to dance in any direction, and allow a deeper purpose to emerge and take root.

In myself, beneath fear and numbness, I experience the longing to be fully alive, create beauty, be of service to others and celebrate life!

What inner longing is alive beneath your fear?

I would love to know! I welcome you to share your thoughts and any insights you are having.

Until next time…may you continue to welcome the beauty of heaven in your body, heaven in your mind and heaven in your relationships.

~Aryana Solh

Definition of ‘Growth Vs. Protection’

‘Protection’ is a state that keeps us locked in our survival-based reptilian brains. During periods of protection, centers in the brain responsible for memory, empathy and higher learning shut-down, creating huge anxiety and tension. Just making it thru each day alive becomes the sole focus. Amazingly, we can unknowingly live in this isolating state of stress and fear for a very long time.

‘Growth’ is a state in which we are open to all possibilities and perspectives. We are free to dance in any direction we choose because we feel safe in our bodies and connected to our greater human family. Living in a growth state allows us to thrive and act creatively. We feel nourished and can direct our energy towards envisioning a positive future for our world. In a growth state, our mind is in service to our heart.

Understand the Science behind Growth Vs. Protection!
Check out this video: Dr. Bruce Lipton- Fear Vs Love State & Stress’ Effect on Your Body